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The Secrets of tea ceremony

For centuries people have known that wisdom and advice, love and support, news and gossip all go better with a cup of tea. Ancient Chinese and Japanese believed that tea is a way of changing and enhancing lifestyle. For them tea’s bitter taste symbolized the sufferings of the life, the clean and clear tea liquid referred to harmony, purity, respect and tranquility – four principles of dissent life.

Pineapple Black Tea

Today progressive companies striving to perfection turn to ancient traditions and practice. One of the best examples of successful combination of ancient traditions and modern technologies are the tea sticks Ticolino produced by Serengeti Tea Company.

Ancient Japanese believed that a cup of good tea is an excellent opportunity to dissolve human body into the eternal universe. Nowadays such an opportunity can be presented by the tea sticks Ticolino with the help of their carefully crafted blend and the highest quality ingredients from multiple regions around the world.

In China and Japan the tea ceremony is brought to perfection. According to one of the principles of this ceremony in tea as in life the management of resources for maximum efficiency and minimum effort insures a harmonious, productive life. The tea sticks Ticolini is an ideal embodiment of this principle – for e few minutes without much efforts one can taste an ideally balanced beverage.